Quest to Valentinise My Home…

Okay,I am finally here once again trying to get to grips with this blogging lark. I have woefully neglected you dear reader, due to my frustrations with my blogging site (it hated me) but I am back now (hurrah!) so shall endeavour to share my latest arty-crafty adventures with you as they unfold. At the moment I have been creating various Valentiney decs to adorn my abode, such as cute ickle red (of course) crochet hearts to dangle from my twinkly-twigs, of which I have many in my house and am rather obsessed with decorating according to the seasons. Take heed dear reader, for my twinkly-twigs will often play a starring role here. I have also been knitting red (have you spotted the theme yet?) and grey hearts to make into bunting, and who doesn’t like a bit of bunting reader! When I have found somewhere to hang said Valentiney bunting, I will post a pic here for you to peruse. For now you’ll just have to make do with a little ‘taster’ shot of them, so bear with Dear Reader, contain your excitement!


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