The Wise-Words Waffler Doodles On…

I had a truely amazing time at the Craft 4 Crafters ( ) show on Saturday! There was a fabulous atmosphere there and it was just great to be able to soak up all those creative vibes. If you have never been to a craft show, I highly recommend that you find one to attend post haste dear reader and go! There were crafty temptations galore on Saturday and as always happens I was once again lured into a new craft – jewellery making! Yes dear reader, those endless trays of sparkling gems hooked me in good and proper and I came away with enough glistening bounty to keep any self-respecting magpie well-chuffed. I’m beginning to think jewellery making will be my new ‘thing’ dear reader, so bear with and await further jewelleryish developments…

My Sharpie pen also had a bit of a workout at the weekend, mainly on a ‘Be’ theme as you shall see. I’m having a bit of a thing about wise words at the mo, particularly short ones. I do think that if your are truely wise your words should be a well-chosen few and waffle-free. Definately quality over quantity where wiseness is concerned I reckon, plus there is always the point that if you’re a bit of a wise waffler-on-erer your listeners do tend to stop listening or at worst, nod off bless ’em. Anyway, here’s some wise words – short and prettified to keep the wiseness recipient awake.


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