Crafting Love With Yarn♥

Hello to you dear friend! I do so hope you’re managing to battle on through this terrible weather we’re experiencing at the moment. I know after I’ve managed to fight my way home after work through the wind and rain,  it’s so heart-warming to see my Valentined twinkly-twigs with their little red crochet hearts glowing in the corners, as I curl up with a snuggly blankie and a cuppa. I finally joined my knitted hearts together so they have finally achieved their destiny – Valentine bunting♥ and here’s a little pic for you to peruse dear reader, which will hopefully bring a warm glow to your wind-battered soul…


They will be bunting-ising my stairs later, so my house is gradually becoming more and more Valentinised as the projects progress. Yes, we are really starting to feel the love in our house and once I’ve completed the red crochet heart bunting I’m working on, we will be well and truly loved-up here!  If you are interested in knitting your own heart bunting, I found the pattern in the new Woman’s Weekly Knitting & Crochet magazine which also has some other rather lovely patterns in it.


I have to confess, I am a bit addicted to craft magazines and can often be spotted having a good old browse-a-thon in my local newsagents! I also love arty-crafty books and am reading a rather fab one at the moment: ‘Pattern’ by Orla Kiely.


It’s a great insight into the inspiration behind the brand name, as well as being jam-packed full of eye-candyish colour plates of all of Orla Kiely’s patterns! Yes it’s pattern-tastic dear reader chum!


Ooh, forgot to mention that my red and pink Sharpie pens have been feeling the ‘lurve’ this week too and have produced a rather hearty Valentine pattern that I hope will make your heart sing ♥


So that’s it for today dear reader friend, as I’ve just realised I’m late for #handmadehour on Twitter. If you don’t know what that phenomena is, it’s where lovely crafty-minded people tweet their handmade heavenlies to a whole host of other crafty tweeters, every Wednesday for an hour, starting at 7:30pm. All you have to do is search for #handmadehour and join in the fun! Be aware however, it does turn in to a rather frantic and frenzied fiesta! I’m off then for my hot date with #handmadehour! Bring on your crafts tweeters!


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