How the Gentle Jewellery Maker Calmed the Feisty Fair Isle Fiasco

Well hello there dear reader, back for more of my arty-crafty exploits I see! You’d best settle down in a cosy nook with a calming cuppa, for it has been a bumpy ride into the world of Fair Isle for me this week! Fear not dear reader, for all the bumpy bits were mine alone to endure and here you will find the final Fair Isle feast all safely de-bumped!
First of all I will delight you with more news of my crafty fame, as my dear friend Nic ( ) informed me this week that our crafty makes had adorned the pages of Crafty Magazine no less!


Needless to say, I was well-chuffed! Yes dear reader, I am indeed @sjk1p1of Twitter so feel free to come and tweet with me at your leisure.

Also this week I have been giving the old fine liner and Sharpies a work-out. As you can see my faithful blobs had an explosion across the paper…


And I doodled an ‘N’ initial for one of my darling daughters…


Of course daughter number two is now sulking so will need pacifying with her own doodled initial, which I will doodle in haste before said sulking reaches unbearable levels…

More exciting news dear reader, as this week I began my journey into the craft of jewellery making! I started off with easy-peasy pendant making, which merely involved threading a rather lovely pendant onto a piece of suede thonging, but you have to ease yourself gently into these things don’t you?


I also had a go at making some beaded earrings with my daughter, which took me back to my Young Enterprise days at secondary school, when I made oodles of the things with my three best chums at the time.


Following that little beading pleasure, I then made my first back-to-back button necklace. Oh my! How relaxing and calming a past-time! Let me tell you, there is something deeply calming about the repetitive threading of buttons on to thread, no wonder they make toddlers thread cotton wheels and beads and such to calm them down, as it definately works!


So I shall most definately be making more button jewellery to calm the soul, especially when I continue to do battle with that Fair Isle, but more of that later. I have also been sewing this week and managed to complete the Mollie Makes tatoo heart brooch kit. I made a few little changes, such as altering the thread colours on the flowers and leaves from black to pink and green accordingly, and was rather pleased with the result…


As far as knitting goes, I finished knitting that snood for my daughter in those lovely vintage pastel shades of mint green, peach and grey with sparkly flecks of gold. Needless to say, my daughter is well smug with it.


Well now it’s finally time to see that Fair Isle fingerless glove I’ve finally managed to complete. I have to confess that it has been a struggle, not with the pattern, but with all the yarn colours that kept tangling themselves continuously! Here it is in all its glory but it is only one and one fingerless mitt is not a fashion statement, it’s just showing fear in the face of Fair Isle, so let round two commence for the knitting of the second mitt…



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