Fair Isle Fingerless Fiasco Finally Finished

Yes indeed dear reader, I have finally finished knitting my gloves and here they are in all their glory…


Aren’t they fab? If you fancy having a go at knitting your own, head over to my sjk1p1 profile page at http://www.ravelry.com where you will find the DROPS design pattern stored in my pattern library.

Now that I have completed those, I have moved onto knitting my own sailing boat pillow; a mummy-sized version for the little baby sailing boat pillow I made last year. This project is a bit on the slow side as, because it is my own design, I am writing out the pattern as I knit it. Such fun, as I do love designing new patterns! Here is a ‘work in progress’ pic for you dear reader, ship ahoy!


Coming along nicely, isn’t it? As I said, this project is a bit of a tricky one, so I am also planning to start crocheting a chevron striped blanket in either grey and pink, or grey and pastel blue.


What do you reckon? I was also toying with the idea of a black and white chevron striped crochet blanket, with a pop of yellow…


…what with yellow loveliness springing up in the garden at the moment…


My Sharpies also had a little doodle across my sketchbook this week and produced a little piece I’ve called ‘Mountainous Triangles.’


Mmm, beginning to spot a ‘triangular’ theme going on here, what with the chevron stripes as well. Bear with on the ‘triangular’ theme dear reader!

Well it’s Friday (hurrah!) so I’m off to start a weekend full of crafting loveliness! Craft on and craft well dear reader!



2 thoughts on “Fair Isle Fingerless Fiasco Finally Finished

  1. NE.Perkins

    Love the gloves, the sailboat creation is adorable…and if course I have a soft spot for doodles


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