Knitted Boat Casts Off…


Ship ahoy! Yes indeed dear reader, I have completed and cast off (pardon the pun) the front of my sail boat cushion. All the stripey-colour-changing-intarsia-bobbin-thingies were a bit of a hassle, but I am quite pleased with the final product so it was worth all the ‘stress of the strands’ in the end. I now have to knit the back of the cushion of course and I’m thinking a vertical split with equal halves of pale blue and royal blue, what do you reckon?

At the same time I have been cracking on with the crochet, as I have made a good start on my monochrome blanket. It is an easy pattern of just half treble stitches, changing colour on every row. Yes, I know that means a lot of ends to sew in I hear you complain reader, but you have to suffer for your craft sometimes. I am trying to sew the ends in in batches as I go along to make life easier for myself though. I also found that if you crochet into the top ‘v’ of the white row when working with the black yarn, but crochet into the gaps between the black row when working with the white yarn, you end up with a rather pleasing dog toothish effect. What do you think?


Looking rather lovely, isn’t it? I am also muchly excited about my chevron blanket and have to confess that I am well ‘hooked’ on chevrons now (pardon the pun) especially as it is satisfying my triangle ‘thing’ at the moment.


Am loving grey with pastels right now. Which is probably why I have been doodling lots of pastel patterns with grey, like this one…


I also doodled a pastel bear but he is not sleeping dear reader, oh no, he is thinking with his eyes closed, for he is a deep thinking bear…


Whilst I am on the subject of doodling, you know I have a thing for blobs dear reader? Well, I decided to mix my ‘thing’ for blobs with my ‘thing’ for triangles and here’s what happened…


I also doodled more mountainous triangles and this doodle is called: ‘In Your Dreams You Can Move Mountains’…


Have you been watching ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ on television? Just love that show – so inspiring! I managed to get hold of a copy of the book that accompanies the new series and it is not only a fab read, it also comes with 5 full-size pattern sheets, so is well worth a purchase. All I need now is a sewing machine…


Yes, my quest for a sewing machine continues, but hopefully that will be sorted on Saturday, so bear with dear reader!

Have you seen the latest issue of Simply Crochet magazine? I just love the ‘Edits’ supplement as it is full of fellow craft bloggers’ patterns and of course their blog details. I particularly like the cowl made of tiny granny squares by Jacquie Welbourn who has a lovely craft blog at as well as the simple lace-edged scarf by Rachelle of blogging fame.


I also discovered a fab new sewing/embroidery magazine called ‘Hoop-La!’ which has some wonderful stitching projects in it, with lots of lovely free templates too. If you like to make things from fabric but also love to add a few extra embroidered touches to them, then this mag is right up your street…


Well I’m going to have to leave you now dear reader, for I have lots of crafty loveliness to be getting on with. I will leave you with a pic of the rather lovely sentiment which adorns the back page of Simply Crochet’s ‘Edits’ supplement, as I thought it would serve as a fitting farewell to you, from me, for this week’s bloggings…



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