Thanking Fab Followers!


Yes thank you dear reader! For unbelievably I reached the giddy heights of having 20 followers of my humble little arty-crafty bloggy thing this week! It is truly heart-warming to know that there are 20 lovely dear reader chums out there. I do hope I can keep you all entertained with my makeryness and crafty adventures, as well as inspiring you to get stuck-in with some creating!

I also have more exciting news dear reader, for I have finally purchased an electric sewing machine! Yes, following my recent exploits with a brand new sewing machine, which rather alarmingly kept sewing all by itself even when my foot was NOT pressing the foot pedal, I now have a much more friendly machine that only sews when I intend it to do so. I am very grateful to the muchly helpful lady at The Exeter Sewing Machine Company who was very patient with me with regards to my foot pedal fears and other ‘issues’!


I have never owned an electric sewing machine before, having only ever used a hand-operated vintage Singer, so am still in the ‘tentative getting to grips with it’ mode at the moment. So bear with on the sewing front, dear reader! The lovely and talented Jane Foster also visited the Exeter Sewing Machine Company this week which is a bit of a coincidence, as the first item I sewed together on my super new sewing machine was the Jane Foster dog sewing kit that came with an issue of the fab Mollie Makes magazine! How spooky is that?!? And here is that rather dashing Daschund..


Not bad for my first machine sewing me thinks. Talking of Mollie Makes the latest issue is just as fab as always and am rather smitten with Monsieur Lapin so have my hook poised ready to crochet the chap forth with…


Talking of crocheted bunnies (I do so hope you are noticing all these lovely links dear reader) I also hooked up a cutie-pie of a bunny brooch this week from a Simply Crochet magazine pattern in prepartion for my Eastery ensemble. So I shall leave you with a Springful pic of my happy-hoppy bunny, as I have some makings to be getting on with and I need to hop to it (sorry)…



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