Oooh La La Lapin!


Hello dear reader, or should I say ‘bonjour’ seeing as I am introducing my latest crochet creation: Monsieur Lapin (or Mr Rabbit for those who require a translation) isn’t he fab? He’s from a pattern in the latest Mollie Makes magazine ( ) and was very quick and easy to make. I also attempted to make the stripes on his little top ‘jogless’ by following a tutorial by June Gilbank on You Tube called: Perfect Stripes for Amigurumi (right-handed version). She demonstrates two types of jogless stripes: the no-cut join and the invisible join which involves cutting the yarn. As it was only a teeny tiny project, I plumped for the no-cut join and the stripes turned out pretty near enough ‘jogless’ but I would probably use the invisible join for a larger project. You can always pop over to June Gilbank’s website for more tutorials, along with other amigurumi awesomeness, at .

On the subject of crochet, this month’s Simply Crochet magazine ( ) has some lovely ‘must-add-to-my-crochet-to-do-list’ projects, such as a rather fetching rucksack, a lovely lacey cowl and a delightful rainbow-striped Daschund.


Oooh, and guess what else I’ve been up to dear reader? I’ve only been ‘upcycling’ haven’t I! You see, one of my delightful daughters had sadly outgrown her favourite sundress but loved the fabric so much that she did not want to part with it, so good old Mummy here magiced it into a skirt! Ta-da!


My upcycling of said dress involved opening up the back seam, chopping off the top of the dress, removing the zip and then sewing the back seam up again. It has to be said however, that removing the long zip at the back took longer than re-sewing the whole skirt, but there you go. Delightful daughter was well-happy with her new skirt and I was well-chuffed with my first attempt at upcycling, so what can I chop up next…

I also picked up a copy of Cross Stitcher magazine this month, as it had a rather fab notebook freebie which caught my eye because it had a super vintage typewriter on the front cover…


So I am presently stitching the cute heart on the front cover of said notebook. There are also some lovely projects inside too, such as the terrific town house candle holder and the cute cloud cushion. Of course I need to finish the vintage camera cross stitch I am still stitching, but more of that another time dear reader…

How about a little artful gallery time now, for I have been playing around with pencil-sketched people, what do you think?


I rather enjoyed drawing her so think I will probably draw some more pencil-people and may even add some colour, possibly watercolour paints, so bear with dear reader. I also had a little play with my coloured pencils and came up with this young lady who is rather pleased with her new hair-do…


And on that note I shall leave you dear reader, for I must craft on…


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