Monthly Archives: April 2014

Let Me Point You in the Direction of…


… my newly designed knitted arrow pillow! Ta-dah! Isn’t it fab? I can’t wait to knit more with different width stripey patterns, different colour combinations, or even one twice as big! Any suggestions reader?

I have also completed both of the crocheted baby snuggle-blankies (yes I have been a busy crafter) the first one being the black and white striped one with a pop of yellow…


… which measures 30cm by 100cm and is made up of single double knit yarn colour rows in a half treble stitch, with 3 rows of double crochet around the edge to form the lovely zingy yellow border. The other blankie is the chevron striped one in sherbet blue and silver grey, which measures 57cm by 80cm…


I have also been having a play with my pastel coloured watercolour paints and ink pens and came up with this chevronish type pattern…


I shall leave you with a little sneak preview of my next cloud cushion, a work-in-progress shot as it were, where you can see that I have embroidered the wording and started to add stitching to the centre of one of the flowers. I shall return to my dreamy-vintage-flower-power-cloudiness-pillow and let you craft on…


Yarn Yacht Sets Sail for a Sale…


Ship ahoy dear reader! For I have finally finished knitting my sail boat pillow from my very own pattern design. I hope to knit some more before my next craft sale, maybe a monochrome version in black and white, or even a pirate one in red and black! I also rather like the reverse side, what do you think?


I also have some thrilling news to share with you dear reader, for my quest for a vintage Singer sewing machine is over, as I discovered a rather lovely one in a charity shop last week. It’s a little beauty and I just love to gaze at it and stroke it whenever I walk past! It’s a sheer joy to use, so quiet and smooth and definately restores my inner tranquility whenever I trundle away on it…


I sewed up one of my first sewing designs this week: a cloud cushion made from Ikea fabric. I wasn’t intending to add any stitching to the cushion at all, as I only wanted to test out my pattern design to start with, but when it turned out okay I couldn’t resist adding a little something to the front! I stitched a few extra petals and stamens onto the flower print, as well as embroidering a little phrase, although the pink stitching doesn’t show up too well in the photo, aplogies for that.


I have already cut out another cloud cushion from an old vintage pillow case I picked up in a charity shop and this time I plan to add a few crocheted flowers to the front, along with some embroidery too. Here’s my inspiration…


I also managed to complete the little cross-stitched notebook that came free with last month’s Cross Stitcher magazine. I just love the vintage typewriter on the cover and now that I have found my vintage Singer, a vintage typewriter has now become the subject of my new quest, so watch this space!


Been art journaling this week too dear reader, this time inspired by Oasis song lyrics. This first piece is a mixed media of watercolour paints, ink pens and tissue paper, with lyrics from ‘Live Forever.’


In this next piece I also used watercolour paints and ink pens, along with coloured pencils this time. The lyrics are taken from the song ‘Roll With It.’


I have been busy decopatching some polystyrene eggs today in monochrome patterns, in preparation for decorating my monochrome Easter tree! But more of that egg-citing news next time! Must craft on, keep making dear reader!