Smile Please! Camera Cross-Stitch Completed…


Yes dear reader, I completed my cool camera cross-stitch and am well-chuffed with it. I followed a Cross-Stitcher magazine pattern for a blue camera which I changed to a red one (as you can see) and will be framing it in a black picture frame. It was an easy project although I would advise against back-stitching the set of lines at the top of the camera late at night, when you are sleepy and in a dim light as I did, for when I looked at said lines in the cold, harsh, unforgiving light the next morning, said lines were well-wonky and hence hastily unpicked with much muttering…

It was with much sadness that I took down my homemade Easter decs last week and the thought occurred to me that I had failed to share my Easter makeryness with you dear reader! Shame on me! So here in all their egg-celent glory are my icky-sticky-finger-fun decopatch eggs (where I learnt how to become one with glue, literally) and my cracking paper crafting eggy bunting…



As you can see, we had a mainly monochrome Easter in our house, as I am partial to black and white with a splash of grey. I also took my faithful black Sharpie ink pen for a play recently and produced these random lines…


…and then Sharpie became bored with straight lines so went crazy for wavy…


…then totally lost it and went well-loopy…


And finally an update on the progress of the cloud cushion I am sewing from a vintage pillow case: the embroidery is now finished and I spent Sunday afternoon happily making beaded felt flowers and buttoned crochet flowers for the final flourish. I just have to remember how to thread up my new sewing machine so I can sew it together, mmmmm…well anyway, here’s a pretty pic of the flower cluster and I wish you happy makeryness dear reader, along whatever your chosen path of crafting may be…



8 thoughts on “Smile Please! Camera Cross-Stitch Completed…

  1. creative pixie

    Good work! Love the cross stitch and your Sharpie doodles. Look forward to seeing your finished cloud cushion. Jean

      1. machinegunmama

        No, I haven’t doodled in quite a while. But I did love using sharpies when I did! They make such crisp defining lines, I love it;)

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