Perfect Pillow for a Tree Hugger


Hello again dearest reader! What do you think of my newest knitted creation, bought to life from the pages of my sketch book by my trusty knitting needles? I might knit another one with more of a ‘bubbly’ shaped top next time, what do you reckon? I ‘wooden’ say no to any positive feedback and who knows, you might make me ‘branch’ off in a whole new direction…

Sorry about that reader, on to more serious issues now for I have finally completed the cloud cushion I’ve been working on lately…


I think the felt and crochet flower cluster works quite well with the pattern on the vintage fabric. Of course I am also really chuffed with myself because I managed to thread up my new sewing machine without having to consult/argue with/throw across the room, the dreaded manual! Yay!

My sketching pencils have had a bit of a workout this week, as I fancied drawing some animals. I started off with one of my favourite birds, the owl, what a hoot!


Then I had a go at drawing a little deer…


I might sketch them again but with coloured pencils. I always like to practice drawing things in a 2B pencil before I produce one in coloured pencils; so I can get the ‘shape’ just right before I think about colour and tone.

Well that’s it for this post dear reader, I’m off to knit on with my next Mr Moustachiono, this time in black and white. I’ll leave you with a couple of pics from my Summery weekend…

Beautiful Day♡

Daisy, daisy…


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