Fa-la-la! For the Fearlessly Flamboyant Frank the Flamingo!


Frank definately needs a fanfare, for he is indeed a bit of a vain flapper dear reader! I crocheted him from a pattern in Simply Crochet magazine for my daughter, whilst watching Cary Grant and Doris Day films, as you do… I thought the flamingo thing rather suited the fifties theme and I’m sure Cary and Doris would have been mildly amused. He has been named Frank after the character Frank Moses played by Bruce Willis in the film ‘Red,’ hence the ‘fearlessly flamboyant,’ for dear old Brucie is most definately fearless, is he not? Especially in my favourite Die Hard movies which I have a weakness for and I’m sure he would have a good old chuckle in his grubby white vest at being linked to a pink flamingo…

I have also crocheted up a little teddy-in-a-teacup amigurumi bear from a pattern in the lovely, lovely Mollie Makes magazine. I suspect he’s trying to distract me with his cuteness however, by deliberately posing rather coyly in a teacup just so he can get his grubby paws on my cookies. Too bad little bear, I’m on to you…


This week I have fallen in love with the granny square once again, after crocheting up a little pastel cutie from Simply Crochet magazine. They take such a tiny time to make, yet are like a burst of colourful cheeriness once completed and always make me smile…


This one looks a little lonesome though, for granny squares seldom operate alone dear reader, as they are far happier joined together with other fellow granny squares, so I must crochet my solo square a crochet clan soon… I have however discovered something even more smile-inducing than the granny square: the mini granny square! They are sooooo teeny-tiny you just want to weep! I am joining my little mini squares of joy into a jaunty cream and grey cowl, via a Simply Crochet magazine pattern. Be prepared to coo over their sheer tiny cuteness dear reader…


Aren’t they adorable? My crochet hooks have been well busy lately reader, for I have also made a couple of fruity-fab cool coasters from Simply Crochet magazine for my daughters…


Fruitilicious are they not dear reader? And oh-so-summery… Of course my knitting needles have not been totally neglected, for another one of my weird-but-wonderful moustachionos appeared this week; meet the one and only Monochrome Mike, complete with a rather dapper and dashing Fred Astaire style white bow tie…


Well that’s all my makingness for now dear reader, although I have started hooking up another crocheted mandala which I’m rather excited about, but more of that next time. For now I will leave you with a few pretty-pics of flouncy-floweriness I captured on my camera phone, whilst on my wanderings. Farewell dear reader, until my next bloggings and remember: keep on making!





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