Playful Pastel Pen and Paint Patterning


Well hello again dearest reader! I hope your days since my last bloggings have been blessed with much sunshine and that you have been happily crafting away. As you can see, I have been playing with my pastel watercolour paints and ink pens and doodled myself some pretty-pretty patternalia…


I have to say, I am rather liking the grey ink pen on the grey watercolour background, as well as the pink ink ( ooh, liking the rhyming ) on the pink painted background. Will dabble with those cool combinations again. Bear with dear reader, for my pastel playfulness was indeed prolonged…


The cowl I am busily crocheting away is progressing rather nicely. I am still totally besotted with the darling little itty-bitty granny squares and am having many visions of future projects involving the teeny-tiny snippets of joy. One of my daughters was also taken with their darlingness and suggested she might like a blanket made of them…hmmm…now that would be a labour of love!


Another work-in-progress at the moment is a bunny I am crocheting from a pattern I’ve designed myself. So far I have finished the actual bunny but have not as yet embroidered any facial features, as I’m not quite sure about the “expression” I want my bunny to have. The position of the eyes and mouth on a toy is so critical don’t you think? The wrong eyes/mouth combo could turn your adorably darling toy into a hideous freak that’s the source of nightmares! I have started to crochet a pretty dress for my bunny which I am designing as I hook…


I do hope the featureless face hasn’t unsettled you too much dear reader. Hopefully she will be adorned with a pleasing expression next time we meet, along with a crocheted catwalk couture ensemble (dress).

The time has come for me to leave you once again dearest reader, and as my garden is once again blooming with blossoming bushes and other such flowery loveliness, I will end my bloggings with some pretty pics from my garden. Craft long and craft well…





6 thoughts on “Playful Pastel Pen and Paint Patterning

  1. Angela Cameron

    Such a lovely post! Good luck with your bunny. I’ve made my grand daughter a big rag doll and the final thing to do is the face…… am as nervous as you are!! Your bunny looks gorgeous so far. I’m sure it will be beautiful!

  2. Jenny - prettycolumn (@riley_jl)

    that bunny looks adorable! I can’t wait to see the face you choose 🙂 I think a crooked smile would look really cute (if you don’t mind me voicing my opinion 🙂 ) and those granny squares make me make a little AWW noise! I’m going to HAVE to give them a go 🙂 are you following a pattern for the cowl? jenny xxx

    1. sarahjaneireland Post author

      Hello Jenny and thank you for your kind comments. I have finished the dress for the bunny but am still pondering that facial expression… As for the teeny-tiny granny squares, yes I am following a pattern; it’s from a back issue of Simply Crochet magazine. I don’t have the issue number although I know it is from this year and designed by Jacquie Welbourn.


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