Beautifully Bashful Blossom Bunny♡


Hello there craft lovers! Yes as you can see, I finally plucked up the courage to embroider the facial features of the bunny I have been designing. I think she looks quite pretty and thankfully I didn’t spoil her with scarey-nightmare-inducing features! I also designed a fancy frock for her too; no off-the-peg fashion for this little diva! I’m really pleased with how she has turned out and am planning to use said pattern to crochet more bunnies with different dresses on (couldn’t possibly have two bunnies in the same frock, that just wouldn’t do!) and even a mouse, as I would just have to change the ears and swap the pom-pom tail (yes Blossom Bunny does have a perfect pom-pom tail but I couldn’t possibly show you, for she is far too bashful for that) for a long one. Oh and a pink nose too. Watch this space…

I also decided to hook myself up a little summery phone case: a stripy number with a decorative edging…


It’s crocheted from a cool cotton yarn and I chose grey and pink simply because I’m loving pastels with greys right now. Talking of pastels with grey, I am also knitting a baby blankie in peach and grey. I’m making up my own pattern for it, which is based on decreasing odd numbers of the four row pattern repeat for double moss stitch towards the centre of the blankie, then the stripes increase in odd numbers towards the opposite end. I’m quite pleased with the stripe effect so far and I’m calling it my mathematical blankie…


What do you reckon? I’m working on a couple of other blankies at the moment too; you could say dear reader, that I’m having a bit of a blankie-fest here! One of them is a black and white striped number I’m crocheting in treble stitch, which is destined to cover the headboard of my daughter’s bed to match her new bedding…


I just love working with black and white, I think I just like the stark contrast. Mind you, I’m also loving muchly the ripple blankie I’m crocheting. I chose some blue and green yarn from my stash and didn’t realise until I had crocheted a few ripples, just how much it resembled the ripples of a warm, tropical sea…


See what I mean? Are you feeling that warm, tropical sea vibe dear reader? Fab isn’t it and I have to say that I am well and truly hooked (pardon the pun) on ripple stitch now, so expect to see more rippled wonders emerging from my yarn stash in the future!

I also have a bit of a ‘thing’ about mandalas and have crocheted a few before from the wonderful Wink’s patterns in Simply Crochet magazine and they can be found in my crochet gallery. Here’s my latest mandala, also from a Wink pattern. I just love all the different crochet stitches you get to try out and all the pretty colours always make me smile. I must doodle a mandala sometime too…


Talking of doodling dear reader, here’s my latest ink artings: a random patterning of summery orange, pink and green…


I do so hope you are having a lovely Summer so far dear reader, but don’t stay indoors with your makings, go forth and craft in the sunshine!


3 thoughts on “Beautifully Bashful Blossom Bunny♡

  1. sindhoooo

    She’s so pretty! Lovely dress you made for her. Grey is one of my favourite colours and I think, using grey with pastels is just awesome. I like the ink art too. The works in progress are also very interesting…

    You are a multi-talented person, glad I’m here!
    TC! Keep smiling 🙂


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