Summer Seas Summer Sensation


A super-sunny-smiley hello to you dear reader! As you can see I have completed my first summery project: my summer seas ripple blankie. I am muchly pleased with it and here is a larger, clearer pic of my rippling ripple blankie…


It was great fun alternating all the different shades of sea blue and I am also totally taken with ripple stitch so can highly recommend it, although it is highly addictive, so beware! Personally I can’t wait to start my next ripple blankie…

Keeping to the summer seas theme, I have just started a new weaving which has a distinct sea-blues theme…


as well as a smaller weaving which will (hopefully) include a few geometric shapes (triangles?) in black and white…


Oooh I just adore weaving, it’s so relaxing and almost meditative. Keeping to the monochrome theme (I do like my ‘themes’) I have just completed a couple of black and white decorative items for my daughter’s room; a monochrome striped crocheted headboard cover to match darling-daughter’s new black and white bedding ensemble…


…and some matching monochrome crocheted star bunting…


…which all looks fab together…


…all marvelously-magically-monochrome!

Still on the monochrome theme, well the ‘white’ bit anyway, I have been busy knitting white cozies for jars…


…don’t they look pretty dear reader? They are a great way to make a rather plain little ordinary jam jar look much more appealing.

My Sharpies have also been having a play this week, doodling up a hearty little number…


…a flowery-flower…


…a rather random doodly-doodlings…


…which ended up going round in circles…


…and I think the circley-round one is my favourite, which one do you prefer dear reader? I also had a little play with some green ink pens, as I had an urge to draw some leafy-leaves…


…such fun! Of course I have oodles of other arty-crafty projects on the go, such as a mouse version of Blossom Bunny, a granny squares blankie in pretty-pretty pastels and a totally triangular painting/doodlings, all of which I will have pics of for you to peruse next time dear reader (hopefully!) For now I will leave you with a happy-sunny-smiley pic of terrific Teignmouth in the sunshine; just one of the many beaches I have been knitting/crocheting/doodling on this summer. Go forth and craft in the sunny outdoors! I know I shall be…


9 thoughts on “Summer Seas Summer Sensation

  1. Kay

    Wow beautiful!! Love your doodles too, my favourite is the flower one strangely… and I’m not usually a floral fan! And the ripple blanket is gorgeous! 🙂


  2. Billie's Craft Room

    Love your doodles, The flower one is my favourite. I’ve been dabbling in a little Zentangle but I prefer to use it as just a little embellishment at the side of a page rather than filling the page.

    I have a page of leaves somewhere too, its one of those shapes that when you start drawing it you want to draw more and more.



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