Meet Miss Matilda Mouse…


Well hello there dear reader! I do so hope you have had a super summer and that you managed to get out into the sunshine to craft in the lovely fresh air somewhere. I myself was often to be found doodling, knitting or crocheting on a beautiful beach and Miss Matilda Mouse is just one of the creations that I crafted up in the sunshine. Isn’t she cute? She is an adaptation of my bunny pattern design and I can’t wait to start on my next cute creature which is based on the same pattern: a monkey! In a pretty dress of course!

Still on the crocheted creatures theme, I have also designed a unicorn pattern, as I wanted to make a unicorn for my fab friend Joy. We both have a bit of a unicorn obsession and she even presented me with a lovely gift of authentic (obviously) unicorn poo! If you don’t believe me, here’s photographic evidence to prove it…


…see, told you. Anyway, I’m keeping it in my fridge so it stays fresh (as you do) and it makes me smile whenever I open my fridge door! Now there aren’t many people who can say they have unicorn poo in their fridge, are there? Well here’s a couple of pics of the unicorn I designed…



Isn’t he adorable? Of course I shall have to make myself a little magical fellow now too. Still on the crochet theme, I have also started making cute little crocheted cosies for pebbles (gosh, what with monkeys in dresses and unicorn poo and now pebble cosies, bet you think I’ve gone stark-raving bonkers, but bear with me dear reader) anyway, these pebble cosy thingies make pebbles even lovelier to hold in the palm of your hand, sort of cuddlier and softer, but still keeping their rather pleasing curved shape…


Oh-so-pretty, pastel pebbles♡ Loving them muchly. Now for something more normal but still on the ‘cosie’ theme, I have finished knitting the lacy snoods I was working on; one in gorgeous Debbie Bliss yarn, which is a cotton, linen and silk blend…


…and the other in a Rico Design cotton blend yarn…


Aren’t they simply divine? I used a Rowan lace pattern which you can download for free on their website ( ) and I am now addicted to lace knitting, so be warned!

Well that’s all my crafty news for now, next time I should hopefully have some embroidered cloud pillows and a couple of canine plushies to share with you, as they are the sewing projects I’m currently working on, as well as a bit of wonderful weaving too. I will leave you with a couple of sunny-summery shots from my beaching adventures dear reader, as I wish you farewell for now. Until next time – keep crafting!





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