Dougie Doggie Drops in…


…and isn’t he an adorable little chap dear reader! He’s yet another of my crocheted creature creations, but this time it’s a boy! This wee fellow is sporting a knitted jumper rather than a dress and I’m rather pleased with him. Of course like most of my crocheted creatures he was very taken with the camera…


I also hooked up another bunny this week for someone to give their friend’s new baby boy: a bunny in blue for a baby boy…


…and yes, he was rather taken with the camera too…


Still on the crochet theme, I have been busy hooking up some bits and bobs for my next craft sale: some snuggly mug hugs…




…goodness, is it just me or are you overcome with the need for a cuppa right now too, dear reader? Anyway, back to blogging, I also made some cute candle cosies…



…aah, loving the thought of dark evenings snuggled up with a hot cuppa and a twinkling tealight all a-glow! Bliss! I also made a few bookmarks too; personally I can never have enough of them…




All my tealight cosies, mug hugs and bookmarks are made from 100% cotton yarn, some of it is even this rather yummy recycled t-shirt yarn which I love! Right now I am hooking up another Matilda Mouse toy for a friend’s little girl, along with three more unicorns for a friend’s darling little triplets, which all have to be different colours! So I had better get going now dear reader, for I must go forth and create unicorns…craft on…



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