Doodle Days…


Dearest reader my days have been filled with delightful doodlings of late, something that always makes me oh-so-happy! The doodle above is a flowery ink one, which just sort of ‘bloomed’ from the top left corner. I rather liked doodling the sweeping lines, so carried them over into my next doodle…


I also finally finished the triangular arty piece I’d been working on for some time. It took quite a while to draw out the triangular pattern correctly (sadly I do rather enjoy drawing triangles, strange I know) which I then coloured using coloured pencils. Finally, I doodled designs and patterns over the top with an ink pen. The bottom half is my favourite part and I may use those colour/pattern combinations again…


I’m using the same coloured pencil/ink pen combo for the arty piece I’m working on at the moment. I’m planning to add a butterfly on the left, with some wise words in the middle space…


I’ve also started another drawing, where I hope to combine a profile sketch with background geometric patterns/doodlings of some kind…


I’ve been practising drawing hair to help with the above pic and I’m rather enjoying it! I’ll show you my ‘hairy’ sketches next time dear reader!

Another magical unicorn was created this week, as a friend asked me to crochet one for her friend’s daughter so that my friend’s unicorn (which she has called Nigel) can have a playmate to go on playdates with! Can you spot my new ‘unicorn’ themed purchase?


That isn’t me in the photo though dear reader, it’s one of my darling daughters who was only allowed to wear my precious new t-shirt for the duration of the photo shoot!

Keeping to the ‘yarny’ theme, I have also been knitting cosy cowls. I knitted one in a chunky, navy blue yarn in one of my favourite stitches – American Moss Stitch – yes I know I keep going on about it reader, but it does produce an amazing texture…


A friend at work liked it so much that she ordered one for herself, so I was busy knitting away at the weekend to finish it for her, what with it being so chilly hereabouts at the moment. Still with the knitting, I completed my cosy, cotton cowl last week in a gorgeous grey yarn. The yarn is made from recycled t-shirts (such fun!) and I used a leafy-lacy pattern which is a bit tricky, but so pretty and effective…


Well I’m off to work on my ‘hairy’ art so I wish you all a lovey-loved-up Valentine weekend ♡ and remember to keep crafting with love…



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