Happy Hairy Happenings


Hello there my fellow craft-loving chums! As promised in my previous bloggings I am sharing my latest ‘hairy’ artings with you, as you can see floating above and below…


Wait, there’s more…


and just one more, if you can bear it…


That’s it, done now, but there WILL be more, as I just adore sketching hair! We all have our little quirks, dear reader…

Remember the coloured pencil/ink pen twiggy-flowery-leafy heart I was working on? Well, I added a blue-blue butterfly…


What do you think, lovely reader? I still can’t decide whether I should add some wise words in the middle; a little heartfelt ditty? Do share if you are having any thoughts/suggestions, or any other suitably wordly-wise-wordings.

I had to magic up another two unicorn cutie-pies recently, for a friend-of-a-friend’s girly twins…


Aren’t they adorable? The little darlings! I almost couldn’t let them go, but I stifled my sniffles and tears and bade them a fond farewell…


Heart-rending, isn’t dear reader? That must be about twelve wee unicorns I’ve sent out into the world to spread their magic *☆*☆*☆* Bless them all (sigh…)

At least I have my bonny-bunny-boy who I crocheted up a couple of weeks ago. He’s not going anywhere, for he will live forever on my sofa, where he can burrow amongst my many cushions to his little heart’s content…


Isn’t he a sweetie?


Hmmm…obviously he has a bit of a cheeky side…


Ooh, you bad bunny you! Stop your messing about and get back to the sofa this minute!

Still on the crochet theme, I’ve been working on a crocheted cardigan from a pattern in Simply Crochet magazine. It’s the first proper piece of clothing I’ve ever tried to crochet, so I was a bit apprehensive to start with, especially as it is way out of my ‘unicorn-and-other-crocheted-creatures’ comfort zone! The cardi is a seamless construction which you start from one shoulder and work outwards, adding bits on at various odd angles, until it is all crocheted together to form the top half and arm holes. I have to admit that at one stage I had a very strange crocheted shape before me, with odd triangular pieces going off in all directions. I did feel like I was on ‘The Krypton Factor’ or something, as I puzzled over how on earth was this oh-so-strange shape supposed to crochet together to make anything resembling a cardigan??? I diligently followed the pattern however and it was quite magical when my first armhole appeared, not to mention a relief! It does actually look like it might be a cardigan eventually now…


Did you spot the armholes? So relieved there’s two of them…and on opposite sides of the cardi too, things are looking up! I’m now working on the ribbing along the bottom. I’ve knitted loads of cardigans with ribbing but I never knew you could crochet a ‘rib’ style stitch – I do now…


Intriguing isn’t it? It looks just like knitted ribbing but it’s not, it’s magic*☆* Well that’s all my arty-crafty sharings for this bloggings dear reader, take care of your lovely self and keep on crafting…

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