Just a Jumble of Jottings…


…and a jolly hello to you dearest reader! I hope you have managed to gallop about in the snippets of sunshine we have been endowed with of late, as we say a fond farewell to the fading blooms of blossom and other such springlike flowery fripperies, for summer is nearly upon us – yippee! As I have been busy ‘bunnying’ of late (yes I am still crocheting yet more of those cute little critters) I thought I would let you have a wee peeky-pook within the inner sanctum of my journaly-jotterings notebookness. Above you will have spied the first pageries dear reader and here is another for your perusal…


I love to collect postcards, stickers, labels and such, adorned with inspiring words of wisdom or just pretty images and then pop them within the pages of my notebook. If I happen upon some choice words whilst reading a book or magazine, I will jot them down as I fancy…


…sometimes a mere few, with a dashing of doodles and occasionally more, depending on my mood…


Sometimes I will choose ink…


…and sometimes I will choose pencil…


…finding flowers fascinating…


…words I discover on my reading journey, may create a pathway to pattern…


…and some days I just pattern…



There you are dear reader, a few random bits and bobs from within my jumbly-journaly thingy. Enjoy the last few merry days of May my friend and prepare yourself for the jolly joys of June, as we saunter into summer! Craft on…



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