Crafting Cuddly Cosy


A happy-hello to you my dear reader chum!I hope you have managed to keep toasty-warm during the rather chilly autumn mornings, although I must confess the daytimes have been pleasantly warm, dry and sunny – better than the dismal summer we had in fact! I’m still busy making a selection of squares of many stitch patterns with my trusty knitting needles (as you can see above) in the hope that I can create a cosy throw. I just love trying out different stitch patterns, as I’m thrilled when I first glimpse the exciting new pattern emerging; it’s like doodling with needles and yarn, sheer bliss…


My throw-to-be is destined for my newly chalk-painted bed, which has already been the lucky recipient of my latest attempt at crafting up a bit of cuddly-cosy: a knitted cushion cover of stripes of various stitch patterns that took my fancy, in silver and charcoal greys.


Believe me dear reader, it’s cuddlesome-cosy. I’ve also been-a-doodling again, this time with the added joy of watercolour paints. My first piece for your perusal is entitled ‘Blobs in Blue’ with said blobs composed of watercolour daubings and ink patterny doodlings layered over the top…


My second doodly-delight has a watercolour wash of many stripy shades of blue overlaid with a smattering of patterning in indigo ink…


Well I must crack on with those knitted squares dear reader; the nights are becoming chillier and I’m going to be needing that cosy throw pretty soon! Remember: keep crafting, keep creating, keep cosy…



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