Falling For Autumn


A happy-hello to you dear reader chum! Here’s hoping my latest bloggy post finds you full of autumn cheer; for who can fail to smile at the gorgeous array of jewel shades adorning the trees right now? Whilst wandering in the crisp air of the chilly outdoors, I am always foraging for little seasonal treasures to bring home, rather like a large squirrel, except I don’t eat the items of course, they are purely for display as you can see in the pics above and below…


I have also collected together some rather sumptuously earthy, autumnal shades of yarn, which are just crying out to be knitted into a cosy cowl of some description. I’m thinking stripes of alternating shades using different stitch patterns, we shall see…


Currently, I am knitting a skinny scarf in a gorgeous coppery-brown shade of cotton yarn, in a lovely lace stitch…


This also has a scattering of tiny pearl seed beads knitted into the cast-on edge (which you can’t see in the picture, unfortunately) and this will be repeated for the cast-off edge as well. I’m just loving knitting a lace stitch once again and the yarn has such a beautiful sheen to it too, much like a burnished brown autumnal oak leaf.

As for crochet, well one of my darling daughters requested a ‘granny-square-type-dreamcatchery-thingy-in-earthy-natural-colours-with-driftwood-and-tassels-and-stuff-you-know?’ so I came up with this…


It ended up on the wall by her bed, so I am assuming it was just as she ordered- phew! I also had a go at the freebie little loom kit from Mollie Makes magazine, which was also claimed by said darling daughter with a quick: “Mine!” once I’d finished it…


My cosy throw is coming along well, as I am still busy knitting many, many (many) squares in various shades of grey and in many, many (many) different stitch patterns…


I just adore experimenting with new stitch patterns and have found the Deramores blog a super source of unique ones. Well I’m off forthwith for a brew and a little taste of Christmas: mini stollen bites, mmm…


I will wish you a happy Halloweeny time dear reader, just don’t get too spooked…


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