And So to Sew Squares…


…and such a stack of them too! Yes, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to know that I have finally finished knitting all the squares I needed to complete my cosy throw dear reader; all 63 of the little darlings! I thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with all the many stitch patterns I tried out and was actually a little sad to cast off the final square, as well as feeling a trifle daunted by the prospect of all that ‘sewing-together-of-squares’ scenario… Fear not dear reader chum! For I have summoned up a copious amount of courage to complete the trying task ahead of me ( along with lashings of tea and cake, of course).

Maybe it’s all the rain we’ve been having, but my doodlings have been feeling the blues of late, hence this little ink and watercolour paint piece I refer to as my ‘big blue blooms’…


…and this one which is quite simply ‘blobby blue blobs’ (self-explanatory really)…


In an attempt to cheer my sketchbook up, I created a little festive cheer with a seasonal sketch of one of my favourite birds:the robin…



A little cutie, is he not? Bless his adorable red breast; doesn’t he just warm the cockles of your heart, dear reader chum? And I did so enjoy having my colouring pencils out for a play again, so much so that I dabbled with a dash of colouring-in, with my new grown-up colouring-in book on nature…

A rather restrained and ‘grown-up’ start by me on the title page, but on the next page I just went wild with an exotic explosion of crazy colours because that’s how I roll and it is my colouring book after all…

Now I definately feel like I have released my inner child with a nostalgic childhood pastime. Well, I can’t hang around here passing time with you dear reader, no matter how endearing your company is, for I have a skyscraper of a stack of squares to sew together, so I can have my cosy throw ready for snuggling up in once that frosty-chilly cold snap arrives! And sew on and sew on…


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