Monthly Archives: December 2015

Making Merry Makings


Hello there my lovely reader friend! I do so hope you are full-to -bursting with festive fun-ness and other such seasonal sillyness. As you can see, I have been busy baking my merry mincemeat muffins, complete with a sprinkling of cinnamon and brown sugar…mmm…


…and the merry mmm-ing doesn’t stop there, for instead of our normal, everyday crumble, we had a ‘Crimbo Crumble’ with apple, brown sugar, cinnamon and seasonaly-sweet merry-mincemeat!


My gorgeous-in-grey cosy throw has now been all been sewn up – a definate labour of love sewing all those many, many (many) squares together…


…I must confess that I muchly preferred knitting all those sumptuous squares of several stitch patterns! The blankie does look rather super though and is just in need of a lovely lacy border which I am currently knitting…


As I became somewhat addicted to trying out different stitch patterns, I ended up with a rather huge pile of squares, which has therefore formed a rather huge blankie, requiring (you guessed it) a huge long border. Luckily, I love knitting lovely, lush lace and as I have a massive pile of Christmas films to watch, you can guess what I’ll be up to for the festive period! Here’s wishing you oodles of fabulous festive fun dear reader and I’ll leave you with a few seasonal shots of some sparkly-twinkly lights. Merry Christmas☆