Beautiful Blanket Beginnings


Yes dear reader, my cream quilt quest has begun, as requested by my darling daughter. Many, many squares have already been knitted in a buttery-soft, cream yarn, as I feverishly satisfy my addiction to trying out different stitch patterns. Who knows what new stitch pattern I might stumble upon? Let the adventure begin…

Still on the knitting theme, my latest scarf in autumnal shades has been completed and suitably renamed as my ‘Wodland Walk Wrap.’ Take a peek…


Another cosy-cowl was also completed, this one simply knitted entirely in moss stitch…


It was a partially finished project found lurking at the bottom of a bag of yarn I was sorting; I had been wondering where it had disappeared to! I also did a bit of nifty upcycling when I turned an old headboard cover I had crocheted some time ago from groovy granny squares into a cuddly cushion cover, with the addition of a few vintage buttons…


One wet, windy, wild day was spent doodling wise words in ink, with a whispering of a floral flourish…


Along with a heavenly houseplant hash…


Well, spring has oh-so-nearly sprung dear reader, so I hope all your bulbs bloom brightly and I had better get back on with that blanket…


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