Bouncing Bunnies Bonanza!


Well hello there dear reader! I hope you are ‘hopping’ with egg-citement now that Easter is fast approaching, for we are certainly full of the joys of spring here. As you can see, I have been busy crocheting a bunch of bunnies from a pattern in the latest issue of Mollie Makes magazine. The bunnies in the magazine were all worked in pastel shades of yarn and joined together to form bunting. I decided to use more natural colours for mine, such as grey, chocolate brown, camel, stone and mocha, as well as abandoning the constraints of bunting, by allowing my bunnies to become ‘free range’ through the addition of a piece of rustic twine, so that the bunnies can all hang on my twinkly-twigs as individuals. Before they received their rustic twine adornment however, they all had a little spring dance to ‘ring-a-ring-a-rabbit’…


Aah, bless the little darlings. Still on the bunny theme, I also crocheted one of my girly bunny toys for a colleague to give as a christening gift. It’s been ages since I crocheted one of my creature creations and it made me realise that I must get back to designing some more cute critters soon…


Keeping with the crochet theme, you remember that headboard cover made out of grey granny squares that I upcycled into a cushion cover? Well, the back part of the headboard cover was just a plain, silver grey block of treble crochet, which I didn’t want to go to waste, so I decided to add further blocks of different colours to form a blanket. Of course, this involoved a little preliminary playing around with my yarn pegs (ooh, loving my yarn pegs muchly) to achieve a pleasing combination of colours…


…those colours being: silver, camel, mocha, parchment and cream. I have to say dear reader, crocheting a blankie from purely treble stitch is extremely therapeutic, as well as being particularly warming on the knees as it grows…


Fear not dear reader, for darling daughter’s cream dream of a knitted blankie has not been abandoned, as many squares of many patterns are still being produced in all their glory…


I think I have nearly thirty squares now, so nearly halfway there! Well I’m off to crochet up a few more bouncing bunnies and with Easter fast approaching I had better ‘hop’ to it! Here’s wishing you an egg-static Easter dearest reader and keep on crafting…



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