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September Stitchings


As you can see dear reader, I have been hastily hooking away at my crochet in order to create some snuggly-cosy creations in preparation for the autumn chills looming on the horizon.I used a Nicki Trench pattern and adored crocheting the lovely lace at the fingertip edge, as well as the rather raunchy frills at the wrists; I shall most definately be adding more of those little beauties to future projects whenever possible! More mitts were to follow, this time in a super seed style stitch in caramel, with a contrasting scalloped trim of teal…


For those little darlings, I followed a crochet pattern from Knit Now magazine by Kat Goldin. Continuing with the crocheted cosiness, I used a Nicki Trench pattern from ‘Cute & Easy Crochet’ to create a cuddly cushion in autumnal shades, using cotton yarn in cream, chestnut and chocolate brown…


What’s that I hear you ask? Any news on the delightful daschund I was designing? Why yes indeed, she is now complete, so prepare to meet the rather marvellous Mabel…




Isn’t she adorable? I love her dearly, but I do wish she would stop hogging the blanket on the sofa…

Well that’s all my craftiness for this bloggings, my lovely reader. I shall leave you with some autumnal pics to peruse from my recent wandering walkings ( without Mabel, she refused to forsake her spot on the sofa. What a diva!) Take care and keep on crafting…





As autumn arrives…


…it’s obviously time to crack out those autumnal shades of yummy yarn again, which I am happily crocheting into a cuddly cushion cover of the circular variety, as shown in the pic above. I must try to slow down a trifle though, as crocheting in speedy spirals can make me a little dizzy dear reader! Such fun! Still on the cosy cushion covers theme, I have also started to hook up a granny square style one in shades of graphite, silver and mustard, mmm…really liking that mustard colour right now, particularly with grey…


Expect to see more mustard yarn around these parts in the future! Apart from creating some rather grown-up items for the home, a few fun fripperies have also been rolling off the parental production line to keep my darling daughters delighted, commencing with a trio of crochet cacti from a Simply Crochet magazine pattern (yes, you did hear that correctly: crocheted cacti!) …


Practically perfect pricklies, are they not? My other rather jolly creation, which will definately bring a smile to your face dear reader, is Baby Groot, an adorable Marvel character from the film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (pattern from Twinkie Chan) …





Such a cheerful chappy isn’t he? A little more cheerfulness will be filling the household soon once I have finished hooking up my latest crocheted creature – a delightful daschund!


Of course she will have a super stripy section too as you can see. Ooh, talking of stripes, following a long-awaited rummage through my yarn stash mixed with a bit of sorting out, I managed to gather together a whole bounteous basketful of balls of yarn ends, simply crying out to be crocheted into a scrappy blankie, where each row is a different colour yarn…


Super stripy and such fun to work on! It’s not the only blanket I have on the go at the moment though ( you know what I’m like) as I’ve been meaning to get going on another ripple blanket, this time in shades of kiwi and cream…


Well, that’s a fair bit of creativeness for to peruse dear reader, I will bid you farewell and leave you with a few favourite pics from my wonderful week in Wales this summer…