September Stitchings


As you can see dear reader, I have been hastily hooking away at my crochet in order to create some snuggly-cosy creations in preparation for the autumn chills looming on the horizon.I used a Nicki Trench pattern and adored crocheting the lovely lace at the fingertip edge, as well as the rather raunchy frills at the wrists; I shall most definately be adding more of those little beauties to future projects whenever possible! More mitts were to follow, this time in a super seed style stitch in caramel, with a contrasting scalloped trim of teal…


For those little darlings, I followed a crochet pattern from Knit Now magazine by Kat Goldin. Continuing with the crocheted cosiness, I used a Nicki Trench pattern from ‘Cute & Easy Crochet’ to create a cuddly cushion in autumnal shades, using cotton yarn in cream, chestnut and chocolate brown…


What’s that I hear you ask? Any news on the delightful daschund I was designing? Why yes indeed, she is now complete, so prepare to meet the rather marvellous Mabel…




Isn’t she adorable? I love her dearly, but I do wish she would stop hogging the blanket on the sofa…

Well that’s all my craftiness for this bloggings, my lovely reader. I shall leave you with some autumnal pics to peruse from my recent wandering walkings ( without Mabel, she refused to forsake her spot on the sofa. What a diva!) Take care and keep on crafting…






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