Crafting Colour…


And a jolly-cheery hello to you, my dearest reader! Don’t you just adore this time of year? I love watching the trees erupt into a blaze of glorious jewel-like colours, along with foraging for acorns and chestnuts (sorry squirrels) and picking pumpkins in their glorious array of shapes and shades. As you can see in the photo above, I love to fill my home with a constantly growing collection of autumn’s bounty (once again, apologies squirrels) which tones in quite happily with my crochet cushion cover, in shades of silver, graphite and mustard. Granny squares are most definately my not-so-secret passion at the moment, for not only did I crochet a cosy cushion cover using the groovy granny square, I also made a beautiful baby blanket…


…which I am calling my Peony Poppet Blanket, as it is in peony shades of pale peach, fondant, candyfloss and white. The granny squares didn’t stop there however dear reader, for I have finally finished the Blossom Baby Blanket I started back in the spring, which is composed of pretty little candy-coloured squares of sherbet, white, candyfloss and fondant…


Cute colours aren’t they? Colourful colouring has also been occurring in my Mollie Makes colouring book, with a bit of botanical beauty…


Of course, it will probably soon be that time of year to crack out my wonderful winter wonderland colouring book, so I can cosy up in front of the fire for a spot of festive fun with my colouring pencils (rock and roll!) I’ve already been busy puzzling, another perfect pastime as the evenings begin to darken earlier…


Well that’s all for now, dearest reader. Here’s wishing you a happy Halloween – stay spooky but keep crafting…


3 thoughts on “Crafting Colour…

  1. Catherine

    I too love this time of year! I’m very much looking forward to a little trip we have planned next week just to look at the beautiful colours! I absolutely LOVE your granny squares! The colours in them are wonderful. Can’t wait to see your colouring!

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