*☆*☆* So Seasonal *☆*☆*


A holly-jolly hello to you, my dearest reader! I do so hope you are feeling fabulously festive, for I am thoroughly immersing myself in all things Christmasie, as you can see from the pic above of my Victorian style seasonal stitching in satin stitch. My soul jingles just from gazing at it…

A bounty of beautiful bunnies dressed in berry shades have been completed and then whisked away ( along with another merry monkey) to become cuddlesome Christmas companions, for good boys and girls on Christmas morning…



Hankering after huddlesome hugs myself, I have been hastily hooking away at my granny squares. As I am soooooooo impatient, I have already begun to stitch some squares together, just to get an inkling of what my wonderful winter warmer will look like…


So super snuggly, I think you’ll agree? Now dearest reader, you know how I adore puzzling away at a puzzle? Well, my current puzzling project to ponder over is a fabuously festive, jolly jigsaw…


…complete with a Christmas cuppa, obviously. Ooh, did I mention that as well as our usual ‘not-really-real’ Christmas tree, we also have a ‘really-real’ Christmas tree this year? He’s rooted in a rather festive red pot and although he’s only about three feet tall, he’s bursting with seasonal charm. Darling daughter has named him David for some unfathomable reason and he has become thoroughly spoilt and pampered. I remembered reading or hearing somewhere that a real tree should be left undecorated for a week once it was indoors, but we couldn’t resist placing one teeny-tiny decoration on a branch whilst he wasn’t looking, just to get him used to the idea…


Thankfully, at the end of the week he hadn’t thrown the decoration off in disgust, so in order not to shock the little fellow, we crawled in ‘commando-style’ on our bellies with more decorations (under cover of darkness) as well as descending on a wire from above, ‘ninja-style,’ to drop on a set of festive fairy lights. So far, I don’t think he’s noticed …

Hopefully you too are feeling fabulously festive by now dear reader, so I will leave you with a heartfelt wish for a crafty-creative Christmas, full of marvellously merry makingness. Jingle on…


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