Monthly Archives: January 2017

Oh so snuggly…


As you can see dear reader, I have begun the new year with a new blanket, crocheted from many, many squares (108 to be precise) in autumnal shades of Stylecraft yarn and finished with a frivolous trim of oh-so-delightful crocheted ruffles. I’m all set for sofa snuggles, yet darling daughters have taken a liking to it too, so let the blanket battles begin!

My trusty knitting needles now have a new project on the go: a cardigan in khaki double knit yarn, with deep ribbing to the hem and cuffs…


I’m using a King Cole pattern and Stylecraft yarn but I’m still pondering my choice of buttons-shall I plump for wooden ones; a vintage style; ceramic beauties or just plain green? The possibilities are endless but intriguing. Whatever happens the end result will hopefully envelop me in snuggliness.

A super-soft shawl is also in the making; a further item to contribute to my quest for feeling oh-so-snuggly…


I just love how the lace pattern develops with every row, as it looks so effective and textural. I’m using a gorgeous grey 4ply yarn by Sirdar, which is rather aptly named ‘Snuggly’ so it was obviously meant to be! I’m following a pattern from Laura Strutt’s book ‘Modern Crocheted Shawls & Wraps’ and can’t wait to get working on it again. Once finished, I’m sure it will keep me wonderfully warm on winter walks but for now I will leave you with a few frosty photographs from my most recent winter wanderings. Until next time dear reader: keep on crafting…