Stitching Summer

A happy-sunny-smiley hello to you, my dearest reader! Isn’t it truly lovely to feel the warm kiss of sunshine on our cheeks once again? Especially as it has been such a long time a-coming… Have you spied my shawl pic floating above? I bet you have; I know how quick you are to spot a freshly crocheted creation! It is indeed the shawl I made from a pattern in the book ‘Modern Crocheted Shawls & Wraps’ by Laura Strutt, which was intended to challenge me a little as I hadn’t experimented with any intricate crochet work before. Following my venture into the unknown pastures new of lace shells and puff stitches, I emerged with a rather fabulous shawl. Originally said shawl was supposed to have been completely dove grey but after using two balls of Sirdar Snuggly 4ply yarn and believing there were no more (a thorough search with associated ranting of: “I just know there’s another ball somewhere!Has the sofa eaten it again?!” was made) I fashioned the border edging using a Stylecraft 4ply in parchment. One day later, guess what turned up in my knitting basket? We shall speak of it no more…

You know I showed you some rather summery socks last time dear reader? Well there’s more! A terrific pair in gorgeous green…

This pretty pair was requested by eldest darling daughter, who stated quite adamantly (and rather dramatically I hasten to add) that she did not want, nor never would want, strped socks on her feet, so I had to rather reluctantly put aside my exciting self-striping sock yarn and opt for a plainer shade of yarn. Of course the yarn she selected just had to be the one I had set aside for a cardigan for myself, didn’t it! As soon as I had completed said socks, my beloved self-striping yarn was back on my needles once again…

Is it just me or does anyone else become thoroughly excited at the beginning of a new ball of self-striping yarn? Do you too yearn for that little thrill of anticipation as the yarn unwinds and a new coloured stripe appears as if by magic on your needles? Oooh, the very thought sends ripples of glee down my spine… Talking about stripes, my other darling daughter (the one who will allow herself to be adorned in knitted garments of a striped nature) has requested a striped jumper in three shades of pink: raspberry, pomegranate and pale rose Stylecraft dk yarn to be precise…

I’m using a pattern by Sian Brown from issue 164 of Knitting Magazine, although not the gentle ombre blue shades she used, more ‘shout-out-loud-it’s-summer!’ shades instead – definitely no subtle ombre shading with this one!

Well that’s all for now folks, I shall leave you with a selection of summery pics from my wandering walks but until next time dear reader: keep on crafting…


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