Summery Stitcherings

Well hello there dearest reader! How are you coping with this rather sizzling heatwave we’ve been experiencing? I find any temperature over 22° a bit too sticky for me but I do love the happiness-inducing sunshine. As you can see from the pic above, I have completed the Granny Goes Large crocheted blanket from a pattern by Cherry Heart, using double knit yarn from Stylecraft and isn’t it truly glorious! I just love how it lifts my mood whenever I glimpse its joyous colours. True to form dear reader, I have indeed begun another blanket…

It’s my summery ripple blanket in a delightful mix of many colours of Stylecraft double knit yarn: pomegranate, petrol, teal, empire, stone, silver, cream, soft peach, candyfloss, sage, duck egg, sherbet, turquoise, raspberry and cloud blue. Phew! It’s a cacophony of colours composed by myself and the darling daughter who is the excited recipient of said blanket for, guess what, it is already complete…

…and darling daughter is smitten with it, particularly the border in a petrol shade which really grounds all those riotous colours. Fear not dear reader, another ripple blanket is already being hooked as we speak, a little something I’m calling my Yorkshire Dales Delight in Stylecraft double knit yarn shades of khaki, cypress, meadow, mocha and grape…

Can you imagine the delightful Yorkshire Dales as you gaze upon it? I had the added joy of actually working on it right in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales in our holiday cottage this month, bliss.. Pics to follow at the end of this post, promise.

As you can probably guess, despite the humid heat, I also have a pair of knitted socks on the go although they are a rather lacy summery sock from a pattern called Valentine Socks by Emma wright in Knitting Magazine, which I’m knitting in a delectable duck egg shade of blue-green…

Can you see the little sweetheart pattern emerging? So cute… I have also been doing a spot of embroidery, just experimenting with different stitches over fabric…

It’s such fun selecting different shades of embroidery silks and drawing patterns with thread; I can highly recommend it.

A little charity knitting has also been attempted again, this time for The Sailors’ Society in the form of knitted hats. The charity is an international maritime one that supports seafarers and their families…

I used various shades of double knit yarn doubled to create my own chunky yarn to knit the hats with, as combining two different shades of yarn together makes for interesting mottled effects, very pleasing.

Finally, with a nod to the onset of autumn next month (yes really) I have begun knitting an autumn block blanket based upon the pattern by Jo Allport in Knitting Magazine called Mystery Blanket but I’ve just changed all the colours for a more autumnal selection. I guess it will still be a mystery for you dear reader, as the colours and patterns of each block will only be gradually revealed to you as I work on them. I hope you can bear the suspence! To help you out I have two blocks for you today (I spoil you, you know!) the first one in mocha…

…with a geometric effect and the second block a lace pattern in graphite grey…

You’ll just have to wait to see the patterns of the other blocks and the shades I have selected! Enjoy the rest of your summer dear reader and remember: keep on crafting…

4 thoughts on “Summery Stitcherings

  1. Sigrid Swinnen

    Your blankets are amazing!!! Fabulous colors!!! Thank’s for following my blog, I’m following yours now too. Wonderful makings to see here 🙂
    Greetings from Belgium,
    Sigrid (Kat Kat Katoen)



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