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So, a Sunless Summer Spent…Saving the Universe!


Well hello my lovely blog-reading friends! I hope you managed to have some fun this summer, despite all the gloomy damp weather. It was all a bit disappointing wasn’t it? As the sun failed to make many appearances in the sky for us, I have added a sunny yellow glow to my bloggings for you, by way of the delightful dahlia pic above. I just adore dahlias: so vervaciously vibrant they can’t fail to cheer you up.

If you managed to escape to anywhere exciting for the summer dear reader, I hope you managed to find some sunshine, for we certainly did when we visited wonderful Wales for our hols. During our time there we enjoyed the many delights of Cardiff such as the castle..



…all very impressive with rather a lot of steep steps that were fine to climb up but somewhat scarier to descend (eek!) We also loved ambling around the many Edwardian and Victorian shopping arcades…



…enjoyed a brew and Barabrith in the many cosy coffee bars…




…we wondered at the many delights of Cardiff Bay, or Tiger Bay as the locals call it…


…such as The Roald Dahl Plas…



…the mighty Millenium Centre…


Oh, and did I mention that we saved the universe there too? Yes indeed, we visited The Doctor Who Experience and had an epic-awesome adventure working with the current Doctor Who to save the planet from various aliens…




…and generally had a fab out-of-this-world experience…



We also visited the beautiful Barry and Barry Island, where we walked in the footsteps of TV’s Gavin and Stacey and I’m not gonna lie to you, it was crackin’!


We were made up to visit Trinity Street where Stacey, Gwen (not Gwen from Budgeons), Bryn (don’t mention the fishing trip) and Doris lived, Marco’s where Stacey worked, the arcade where Nessa (sort of ) worked…


…Boofy’s their chip shop of choice…


…and sat on the same wall that Gavin, Stacey, Smithy and Nessa all perched on for that final episode and looked out to sea…



Back in England, we had a delightful day out in Teignmouth: still as serene as ever…


…a trip to Totness and Dartington…



…and gazed in awe at the beautiful, big, big skies of Budleigh…


What have I been crafting up this summer? Well for starters I’ve only been at the chalk paint and had a go at a bit of upcycling! Yes I ‘updated’ my ‘dated’ solid pine bed with a lick of pebble grey chalk paint and I have to confess, I am rather chuffed with it…


I must warn you though dear reader, painting furniture is seriously addictive, as I have been eyeing up other suitable candidates around my abode that look ripe for a quick makeover! My new watercolour paints had a quick testing too…


…and my ink pen enjoyed a little ‘mindfulness zentangling’ or doodling as we know it…


My crochet hook worked up a sweat on a chic chevron cushion I designed with a buttoned closure on the reverse…


…along with a whimsical wall hanging for darling daughter, complete with tickly tassels and dreamy driftwood…


A trio of charm bracelets were crocheted from a Mollie Makes’ kit and as there were three I let my two darling daughters squabble out the distribution between themselves; far too dangerous an area for me to venture into…


My knitting needles have been happily stitching up some cosy treats for autumn, such as a textured caress of a cover for my notebook…


…several squares in many, many patterns, in glorious greys for what will one day become a warming throw…


…and a cosy cushion cover in gorgeous grey stripes of a selection of stitch patterns…


I had a little go at crafting with leatherette via another Mollie Makes kit, this time a tropical cocktail of a couple of brooches…


Thankfully there were two of them, so I was spared any teenage traumas when it came to sharing them out – phew! A bit of baking was also enjoyed which produced a lush lemon loaf…


…it didn’t last long mind you! Bit like our summer… Well I will leave you now dear reader and as I began my bloggings with a dahlia, so I shall end with a dahlia, well, a jug full of the dashing darlings actually! Keep on crafting…


Loving Lovely Liebster♡


Yes I have muchly exciting news to tell you dear reader, for my rather humble little blog has won a Liebster award! Thrilling news, isn’t it? I was nominated by the lovely Sarka, whose equally lovely blog can be found at and is well worth a browse if you haven’t done so already. After my jumping-around-with-joy moment had passed (well, you have to, don’t you) I settled down to have a read of all the rules and regulation thingies you have to follow, which although a bit complicated, are jolly well worth the effort. I think the whole Liebster thing is a fab idea, as it not only promotes newbie bloggers, but also helps you to discover other inspiring newbie bloggers too. Great stuff! So here goes with the rules and regulation thingy first (or the grown-up bit as I like to call it).

1. You have to link back to the person who nominated you.
2. You must answer 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
3. After completing those questions, you must nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and give them 11 questions of your choice.
4. You must not nominate the person who nominated you.
5. You must let your nominees know that they have been nominated and provide a link to your post for them so that so that they can learn about the nomination.

Phew! That’s the boring rules and regs bit sorted. Now for something much more interesting dear reader: the questions I was asked, well here goes…

1. What got you into blogging?

Ooh, easy, I just loved reading all the fabulous arty-crafty blogs that are out there and always found them so inspiring, that I decided to start my own blog in the hope that I, too, would inspire people to be more arty-crafty.

2. What is it that you enjoy the most about the blogging experience?

Well obviously as I mentioned in my first answer, the thought that my lovely readers are beavering away at something creative because they have seen something on my blog that has inspired them.

3. And is there anything about blogging you find annoying or irritating?

I would have to say the ‘techy’ stuff, as there have been quite a lot of said ‘techy’ things that have blown my mind, or caused me to have meltdown moments with the rather scary cyber space!

4. How do you find new blogs to follow?

As I blog with WordPress I quite often look for new blogs via search tags on my blog feed. I am also a member of Bloglovin’ so I’m always finding lovely new blogs to follow on there too. Magazines are also a good way to discover new bloggers as well.

5. What inspires you?

Oh my, everything and everyone! I love Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for inspiring pics and people, but the world outside your door is full of inspiration isn’t it? That’s why I always carry a notebook around with me and I’m always taking photos on my phone when I’m out and about.

6. Do you prefer paper diaries, calendars, planners, stationery, etc, or do you rather go digital?

I have a ‘thing’ for notebooks! I have them all over the house and I’m always jotting down ideas when they pop into my head. I also love post-it notes and I have lots of lists of ideas/projects on my mobile phone too.

7. What’s the best book you have read this year?

I read LOADS of books but recently I have enjoyed a couple of books by Debbie Macomber: ‘The Shop on Blossom Street’ and ‘A Good Yarn’ simply because they are about a yarn store owner and they also have free knitting patterns in them!

8. Given unlimited time and resources, what is your dream project?

I would love to be involved in a huge community art or craft project with children and adults.

9. On the other hand, what sort of a quick project do you go to for instant gratification?

Easy, a doodling session!

10. What was your favourite boy band in the 90’s? Don’t tell me you did not have one.

I was probably a bit beyond boy bands in the 90’s, age-wise! Although when I was of a ‘boy band age’ as it were, I was well into Duran Duran!

11. If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be and why?

Ooh, tough one, I guess I would have to say Nelson Mandela, because he had such courage and determination to fight for what was right and true.

Well, I hope that was of interest to you dear reader, now for the next bit: my list of nominations! Here are the 11 bloggers I nominate for a Liebster award, drum roll please!

There we go, nominations complete, and what a truly inspiring bunch they all are too; a great mix of art, crochet, knitting, sewing, weaving, gardening and other inspiring crafts. I hope you enjoy your blogging adventures while you explore dear reader! And now for the final bit, my 11 questions for the 11 lovely bloggers I have nominated:

1. When you think about your blog, what makes you smile?
2. What new form of art or craft would you like to learn?
3. What do you collect?
4. Where is your favourite place for being arty or crafty?
5. Tea and biscuits – do you dunk or crunch?
6. What is your favourite toast topping?
7. Where would be your dream arty-crafty destination in the world?
8. E-reader or good old-fashioned paperback book, which do you prefer?
9. What is your favorite season of the year and why?
10. Which famous artist/crafter/gardener would you like to meet and why?
11. What would your dream job be? (If you’re not aleady doing it, you lucky person you!)

Well I hope those questions get your imaginations working! Congratulations to all the bloggers that I have nominated and I hope you are all inspired by each other’s blogs, which is what the Liebster Award is all about I reckon! So farewell for now dear reader and remember to read those blogs and be inspired! Blog on…

How the Gentle Jewellery Maker Calmed the Feisty Fair Isle Fiasco

Well hello there dear reader, back for more of my arty-crafty exploits I see! You’d best settle down in a cosy nook with a calming cuppa, for it has been a bumpy ride into the world of Fair Isle for me this week! Fear not dear reader, for all the bumpy bits were mine alone to endure and here you will find the final Fair Isle feast all safely de-bumped!
First of all I will delight you with more news of my crafty fame, as my dear friend Nic ( ) informed me this week that our crafty makes had adorned the pages of Crafty Magazine no less!


Needless to say, I was well-chuffed! Yes dear reader, I am indeed @sjk1p1of Twitter so feel free to come and tweet with me at your leisure.

Also this week I have been giving the old fine liner and Sharpies a work-out. As you can see my faithful blobs had an explosion across the paper…


And I doodled an ‘N’ initial for one of my darling daughters…


Of course daughter number two is now sulking so will need pacifying with her own doodled initial, which I will doodle in haste before said sulking reaches unbearable levels…

More exciting news dear reader, as this week I began my journey into the craft of jewellery making! I started off with easy-peasy pendant making, which merely involved threading a rather lovely pendant onto a piece of suede thonging, but you have to ease yourself gently into these things don’t you?


I also had a go at making some beaded earrings with my daughter, which took me back to my Young Enterprise days at secondary school, when I made oodles of the things with my three best chums at the time.


Following that little beading pleasure, I then made my first back-to-back button necklace. Oh my! How relaxing and calming a past-time! Let me tell you, there is something deeply calming about the repetitive threading of buttons on to thread, no wonder they make toddlers thread cotton wheels and beads and such to calm them down, as it definately works!


So I shall most definately be making more button jewellery to calm the soul, especially when I continue to do battle with that Fair Isle, but more of that later. I have also been sewing this week and managed to complete the Mollie Makes tatoo heart brooch kit. I made a few little changes, such as altering the thread colours on the flowers and leaves from black to pink and green accordingly, and was rather pleased with the result…


As far as knitting goes, I finished knitting that snood for my daughter in those lovely vintage pastel shades of mint green, peach and grey with sparkly flecks of gold. Needless to say, my daughter is well smug with it.


Well now it’s finally time to see that Fair Isle fingerless glove I’ve finally managed to complete. I have to confess that it has been a struggle, not with the pattern, but with all the yarn colours that kept tangling themselves continuously! Here it is in all its glory but it is only one and one fingerless mitt is not a fashion statement, it’s just showing fear in the face of Fair Isle, so let round two commence for the knitting of the second mitt…


The Wise-Words Waffler Doodles On…

I had a truely amazing time at the Craft 4 Crafters ( ) show on Saturday! There was a fabulous atmosphere there and it was just great to be able to soak up all those creative vibes. If you have never been to a craft show, I highly recommend that you find one to attend post haste dear reader and go! There were crafty temptations galore on Saturday and as always happens I was once again lured into a new craft – jewellery making! Yes dear reader, those endless trays of sparkling gems hooked me in good and proper and I came away with enough glistening bounty to keep any self-respecting magpie well-chuffed. I’m beginning to think jewellery making will be my new ‘thing’ dear reader, so bear with and await further jewelleryish developments…

My Sharpie pen also had a bit of a workout at the weekend, mainly on a ‘Be’ theme as you shall see. I’m having a bit of a thing about wise words at the mo, particularly short ones. I do think that if your are truely wise your words should be a well-chosen few and waffle-free. Definately quality over quantity where wiseness is concerned I reckon, plus there is always the point that if you’re a bit of a wise waffler-on-erer your listeners do tend to stop listening or at worst, nod off bless ’em. Anyway, here’s some wise words – short and prettified to keep the wiseness recipient awake.