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Falling For Autumn


A happy-hello to you dear reader chum! Here’s hoping my latest bloggy post finds you full of autumn cheer; for who can fail to smile at the gorgeous array of jewel shades adorning the trees right now? Whilst wandering in the crisp air of the chilly outdoors, I am always foraging for little seasonal treasures to bring home, rather like a large squirrel, except I don’t eat the items of course, they are purely for display as you can see in the pics above and below…


I have also collected together some rather sumptuously earthy, autumnal shades of yarn, which are just crying out to be knitted into a cosy cowl of some description. I’m thinking stripes of alternating shades using different stitch patterns, we shall see…


Currently, I am knitting a skinny scarf in a gorgeous coppery-brown shade of cotton yarn, in a lovely lace stitch…


This also has a scattering of tiny pearl seed beads knitted into the cast-on edge (which you can’t see in the picture, unfortunately) and this will be repeated for the cast-off edge as well. I’m just loving knitting a lace stitch once again and the yarn has such a beautiful sheen to it too, much like a burnished brown autumnal oak leaf.

As for crochet, well one of my darling daughters requested a ‘granny-square-type-dreamcatchery-thingy-in-earthy-natural-colours-with-driftwood-and-tassels-and-stuff-you-know?’ so I came up with this…


It ended up on the wall by her bed, so I am assuming it was just as she ordered- phew! I also had a go at the freebie little loom kit from Mollie Makes magazine, which was also claimed by said darling daughter with a quick: “Mine!” once I’d finished it…


My cosy throw is coming along well, as I am still busy knitting many, many (many) squares in various shades of grey and in many, many (many) different stitch patterns…


I just adore experimenting with new stitch patterns and have found the Deramores blog a super source of unique ones. Well I’m off forthwith for a brew and a little taste of Christmas: mini stollen bites, mmm…


I will wish you a happy Halloweeny time dear reader, just don’t get too spooked…


Meet Monica Monkey!


Isn’t she simply adorable dear reader? I bet you didn’t realise just how cute a monkey in a dress could be. Of course Monica is extremely aware of how cute she is and just loves having her photo taken…


So is often to be found hanging around in front of a camera…


…ready for a chic shot; she’s such a cheeky little diva! She’s my latest crocheted creature creation and I’ve already made a start on designing a doggie version. Doggie won’t be wearing a dress however, for I am going to create a ‘boyish’ ensemble for him, such fun!

As you know dear reader chum, I completed my ‘shape’ weaving last time and you’ll be pleased to know that I have now found a place for it in my humble abode…


Looks lovely nestled amongst my twinkly-twiggy lights does it not? I am also rather chuffed with how another monochrome creation of mine is coming along – the house pillow I might have waffled on about in a previous bloggings. Well, exciting news dear reader, for I have managed to incorporate a new ‘triangulationy’ pattern into my knitting for the roof section…


Looks lush doesn’t it? So pleased with my triangliness and still keeping with the triangly theme, here’s a trianglings doodlings…


I can’t decide whether to add colour or not, what do you reckon dear reader? Still sort of with the triangle thing, here’s a progress pic of the lacy diamond pattern knitting on my latest neck cosie, in a lovely beachy-seasidey kind of coloured yarn…


Really liking those colours together. If you fancy having a read of some other knitting blogs, I can recommend a couple of my faves:
-all full of lovely eye-candy knitting pics, but if crochet is more of your ‘thing’ try these:
I’ll share some more of my fave bloggy reads next time as that’s it for this week dear reader, so remember: craft long, craft well…


Floating Happy as a Cloud…


Yes I’m in a ‘happy-floaty-dreamy-cloud’ kind of a mood at the moment dear reader, for I have finished many-many WIP’s, including a couple of squishy cloud pillows. The first completed cloud can be seen in the pretty pic floating above here; it’s a hanging version with hand-embroidered wording and shiny beads on sparkling silver thread. A little bit of hanging heaven☆ My other completed cloud pillow is of the rather larger variety, more of your normal cushion size, with hand-embroidered wording once again. When I started to work on it I wasn’t sure what other decorative bits-and-bobs I was going to adorn it with, but as I was stitching away a daisy popped into my head (as it does from time to time) and indeed a crocheted daisy fitted the whole ensemble perfectly – I hope you agree…


I just love daisies, such a happy flower don’t you think? Keeping to the pillow theme, have a ganders at my latest cushion design – an embroidered star☆ which once again has hand-embroidered wording…


…and is made from fabric with teeny-tiny stars on it. Ooh, and modeled by one of my darling daughters: my little star, holding a star☆ and ‘sew’ on to more sewing (pardon the pun) for I have finally sewn up my two doggie plushies: a sweet sausage doggie…


…a darling Dascshund indeed, who was often to be found in my garden, dashing around after daisies…


…while Scottie Doggie plushie was totally captivated by butterflies, bless him…


Pleased as punch with my plushies dear reader, so expect to see more soon in other fabrics. Now for something completely different (but still crafty, fear not) a little bit of weaving! Yes I finally managed to weave a triangle into my woven wall-hanging and added some totally terrific tassels along the edge, then mounted it on to a darling piece of driftwood I discovered on one of my beachcombing forages. Want to see it?


My little bit of monochrome magic, which looks marvelous on my lounge wall. So pleased with the triangle, so shall attempt another weaving with more triangles, now I’ve got the hang of it. If you fancy having a go yourself dear reader, ‘A Beautiful Mess’ blog has some great weaving-related ideas, so head on over to and search for ‘weaving.’

Now for knitting. You know I was getting well into lacey knitting last time? Well, I searched through my stash of magazine cut-outs with different lace stitch patterns and came across a diamond lace pattern I was rather drawn to, so I decided to use the lovely linen and cotton mix yarn I had in my stash to knit up another lacey neck cosie, in a delightful denim blue shade…


Lush colour and fab pattern♡ Of course as well as my continuing obsession with lacey knitting, my obsession with crocheting pebble cosies continues too…


Simply adorable aren’t they? And now that the autumn mornings are becoming a little on the chilly side, perfect for the poor pebbles. Well I think I have rambled on rather enough for now dear reader, so I shall leave you with a pic of some of my comfort baking to off-set the end-of-summer blues: yummy-scrummy chocie muffins♡ Keep crafting…


Loving Lovely Liebster♡


Yes I have muchly exciting news to tell you dear reader, for my rather humble little blog has won a Liebster award! Thrilling news, isn’t it? I was nominated by the lovely Sarka, whose equally lovely blog can be found at and is well worth a browse if you haven’t done so already. After my jumping-around-with-joy moment had passed (well, you have to, don’t you) I settled down to have a read of all the rules and regulation thingies you have to follow, which although a bit complicated, are jolly well worth the effort. I think the whole Liebster thing is a fab idea, as it not only promotes newbie bloggers, but also helps you to discover other inspiring newbie bloggers too. Great stuff! So here goes with the rules and regulation thingy first (or the grown-up bit as I like to call it).

1. You have to link back to the person who nominated you.
2. You must answer 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
3. After completing those questions, you must nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and give them 11 questions of your choice.
4. You must not nominate the person who nominated you.
5. You must let your nominees know that they have been nominated and provide a link to your post for them so that so that they can learn about the nomination.

Phew! That’s the boring rules and regs bit sorted. Now for something much more interesting dear reader: the questions I was asked, well here goes…

1. What got you into blogging?

Ooh, easy, I just loved reading all the fabulous arty-crafty blogs that are out there and always found them so inspiring, that I decided to start my own blog in the hope that I, too, would inspire people to be more arty-crafty.

2. What is it that you enjoy the most about the blogging experience?

Well obviously as I mentioned in my first answer, the thought that my lovely readers are beavering away at something creative because they have seen something on my blog that has inspired them.

3. And is there anything about blogging you find annoying or irritating?

I would have to say the ‘techy’ stuff, as there have been quite a lot of said ‘techy’ things that have blown my mind, or caused me to have meltdown moments with the rather scary cyber space!

4. How do you find new blogs to follow?

As I blog with WordPress I quite often look for new blogs via search tags on my blog feed. I am also a member of Bloglovin’ so I’m always finding lovely new blogs to follow on there too. Magazines are also a good way to discover new bloggers as well.

5. What inspires you?

Oh my, everything and everyone! I love Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for inspiring pics and people, but the world outside your door is full of inspiration isn’t it? That’s why I always carry a notebook around with me and I’m always taking photos on my phone when I’m out and about.

6. Do you prefer paper diaries, calendars, planners, stationery, etc, or do you rather go digital?

I have a ‘thing’ for notebooks! I have them all over the house and I’m always jotting down ideas when they pop into my head. I also love post-it notes and I have lots of lists of ideas/projects on my mobile phone too.

7. What’s the best book you have read this year?

I read LOADS of books but recently I have enjoyed a couple of books by Debbie Macomber: ‘The Shop on Blossom Street’ and ‘A Good Yarn’ simply because they are about a yarn store owner and they also have free knitting patterns in them!

8. Given unlimited time and resources, what is your dream project?

I would love to be involved in a huge community art or craft project with children and adults.

9. On the other hand, what sort of a quick project do you go to for instant gratification?

Easy, a doodling session!

10. What was your favourite boy band in the 90’s? Don’t tell me you did not have one.

I was probably a bit beyond boy bands in the 90’s, age-wise! Although when I was of a ‘boy band age’ as it were, I was well into Duran Duran!

11. If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be and why?

Ooh, tough one, I guess I would have to say Nelson Mandela, because he had such courage and determination to fight for what was right and true.

Well, I hope that was of interest to you dear reader, now for the next bit: my list of nominations! Here are the 11 bloggers I nominate for a Liebster award, drum roll please!

There we go, nominations complete, and what a truly inspiring bunch they all are too; a great mix of art, crochet, knitting, sewing, weaving, gardening and other inspiring crafts. I hope you enjoy your blogging adventures while you explore dear reader! And now for the final bit, my 11 questions for the 11 lovely bloggers I have nominated:

1. When you think about your blog, what makes you smile?
2. What new form of art or craft would you like to learn?
3. What do you collect?
4. Where is your favourite place for being arty or crafty?
5. Tea and biscuits – do you dunk or crunch?
6. What is your favourite toast topping?
7. Where would be your dream arty-crafty destination in the world?
8. E-reader or good old-fashioned paperback book, which do you prefer?
9. What is your favorite season of the year and why?
10. Which famous artist/crafter/gardener would you like to meet and why?
11. What would your dream job be? (If you’re not aleady doing it, you lucky person you!)

Well I hope those questions get your imaginations working! Congratulations to all the bloggers that I have nominated and I hope you are all inspired by each other’s blogs, which is what the Liebster Award is all about I reckon! So farewell for now dear reader and remember to read those blogs and be inspired! Blog on…

Summer Seas Summer Sensation


A super-sunny-smiley hello to you dear reader! As you can see I have completed my first summery project: my summer seas ripple blankie. I am muchly pleased with it and here is a larger, clearer pic of my rippling ripple blankie…


It was great fun alternating all the different shades of sea blue and I am also totally taken with ripple stitch so can highly recommend it, although it is highly addictive, so beware! Personally I can’t wait to start my next ripple blankie…

Keeping to the summer seas theme, I have just started a new weaving which has a distinct sea-blues theme…


as well as a smaller weaving which will (hopefully) include a few geometric shapes (triangles?) in black and white…


Oooh I just adore weaving, it’s so relaxing and almost meditative. Keeping to the monochrome theme (I do like my ‘themes’) I have just completed a couple of black and white decorative items for my daughter’s room; a monochrome striped crocheted headboard cover to match darling-daughter’s new black and white bedding ensemble…


…and some matching monochrome crocheted star bunting…


…which all looks fab together…


…all marvelously-magically-monochrome!

Still on the monochrome theme, well the ‘white’ bit anyway, I have been busy knitting white cozies for jars…


…don’t they look pretty dear reader? They are a great way to make a rather plain little ordinary jam jar look much more appealing.

My Sharpies have also been having a play this week, doodling up a hearty little number…


…a flowery-flower…


…a rather random doodly-doodlings…


…which ended up going round in circles…


…and I think the circley-round one is my favourite, which one do you prefer dear reader? I also had a little play with some green ink pens, as I had an urge to draw some leafy-leaves…


…such fun! Of course I have oodles of other arty-crafty projects on the go, such as a mouse version of Blossom Bunny, a granny squares blankie in pretty-pretty pastels and a totally triangular painting/doodlings, all of which I will have pics of for you to peruse next time dear reader (hopefully!) For now I will leave you with a happy-sunny-smiley pic of terrific Teignmouth in the sunshine; just one of the many beaches I have been knitting/crocheting/doodling on this summer. Go forth and craft in the sunny outdoors! I know I shall be…