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*☆*☆* So Seasonal *☆*☆*


A holly-jolly hello to you, my dearest reader! I do so hope you are feeling fabulously festive, for I am thoroughly immersing myself in all things Christmasie, as you can see from the pic above of my Victorian style seasonal stitching in satin stitch. My soul jingles just from gazing at it…

A bounty of beautiful bunnies dressed in berry shades have been completed and then whisked away ( along with another merry monkey) to become cuddlesome Christmas companions, for good boys and girls on Christmas morning…



Hankering after huddlesome hugs myself, I have been hastily hooking away at my granny squares. As I am soooooooo impatient, I have already begun to stitch some squares together, just to get an inkling of what my wonderful winter warmer will look like…


So super snuggly, I think you’ll agree? Now dearest reader, you know how I adore puzzling away at a puzzle? Well, my current puzzling project to ponder over is a fabuously festive, jolly jigsaw…


…complete with a Christmas cuppa, obviously. Ooh, did I mention that as well as our usual ‘not-really-real’ Christmas tree, we also have a ‘really-real’ Christmas tree this year? He’s rooted in a rather festive red pot and although he’s only about three feet tall, he’s bursting with seasonal charm. Darling daughter has named him David for some unfathomable reason and he has become thoroughly spoilt and pampered. I remembered reading or hearing somewhere that a real tree should be left undecorated for a week once it was indoors, but we couldn’t resist placing one teeny-tiny decoration on a branch whilst he wasn’t looking, just to get him used to the idea…


Thankfully, at the end of the week he hadn’t thrown the decoration off in disgust, so in order not to shock the little fellow, we crawled in ‘commando-style’ on our bellies with more decorations (under cover of darkness) as well as descending on a wire from above, ‘ninja-style,’ to drop on a set of festive fairy lights. So far, I don’t think he’s noticed …

Hopefully you too are feeling fabulously festive by now dear reader, so I will leave you with a heartfelt wish for a crafty-creative Christmas, full of marvellously merry makingness. Jingle on…



Making Merry Makings


Hello there my lovely reader friend! I do so hope you are full-to -bursting with festive fun-ness and other such seasonal sillyness. As you can see, I have been busy baking my merry mincemeat muffins, complete with a sprinkling of cinnamon and brown sugar…mmm…


…and the merry mmm-ing doesn’t stop there, for instead of our normal, everyday crumble, we had a ‘Crimbo Crumble’ with apple, brown sugar, cinnamon and seasonaly-sweet merry-mincemeat!


My gorgeous-in-grey cosy throw has now been all been sewn up – a definate labour of love sewing all those many, many (many) squares together…


…I must confess that I muchly preferred knitting all those sumptuous squares of several stitch patterns! The blankie does look rather super though and is just in need of a lovely lacy border which I am currently knitting…


As I became somewhat addicted to trying out different stitch patterns, I ended up with a rather huge pile of squares, which has therefore formed a rather huge blankie, requiring (you guessed it) a huge long border. Luckily, I love knitting lovely, lush lace and as I have a massive pile of Christmas films to watch, you can guess what I’ll be up to for the festive period! Here’s wishing you oodles of fabulous festive fun dear reader and I’ll leave you with a few seasonal shots of some sparkly-twinkly lights. Merry Christmas☆




Huggable House♡


And a jolly-jingly-jangly hello to you my fellow crafting chums! I hope I find you suitably nestled in front of your twinkly tree, feasting on festive food and full of Christmas cheer! As you can see, I have completed my latest knitted pillow design: a hug-worthy, housey-housey cushion. I’m so pleased with how the triangular intarsia roof turned out and shall use this pattern more in future….

I also had to forage around in my felt this week, as a friend wanted me to make a foody felt brooch as a present for a relative. Well, here’s the tiny-tasty-treat I created: a magical-mini-morsel of a fat-free-forkful!


Talking of food, but this time the really-real variety, I’ve been baking up some tasty treats in my kitchen today: gingerbread snowflake cookies!


…and before you ask dear reader, yes they are truly scrumptious and no, I can’t possibly share them… I can however share the first pic of my chocolate Santa collection with you. I make a new collection of the jolly festive chaps every Christmas and so far this year I have a grand total of 8! So excited dear reader! I just love chocolate Santas…


Aren’t they adorable? They just make me smile when I look at them and fill me with a festive glow☆ I’ll  leave you now my dear reader friend, with a seasonal health and safety warning from my knitted mate Rodney Reindeer…



Having a Whale of a Time!


Whale hello there dear reader! How are things with you, my craft-loving chum? As you can see I have a new creature creation: a fabric whale sewn from my own pattern. Alas I no longer have the gorgeous grey whale pictured in all his glory floating above, for he was sold at my last craft sale (farewell my fishy friend) but I am sure he has gone to a cuddlesome-cosy and hugful home♡ Yes I had a fab time at my craft sale dear reader, thank you for asking, as I sold oodles of my makeriness to lots of lovely, craft-loving customers (bless them all). Want to see some pics of my crafty offerings on show? Thought so…




Did you spot my cute new crocheted baby bear bootees, reader? If you would like a closer peeky-perusal, here’s a couple of close-up-pics for you…



Aren’t they simply adorable? I have also hooked up some pretty-in-pink and blue-for-a-boy baby shoes, in 100% cotton yarn for dainty feet…



Do you remember the trio of unicorns I was crocheting for my friend’s triplet girlies? Well I managed to finish them in time for Santa to nestle into a spare spot on his sleigh, all ready for the big day, and here they are…



Mummy-of-triplet-girlies was very pleased with them as was Santa, as he could do with a bit of unicorn magic to help his sleigh fly that little bit faster you know *☆*☆*☆*

Talking of flying sleighs, I’ve been pattern designing again, this time a little Rudolph Christmas tree decoration, complete with jingly-jangly bell dear reader, such fun!


And then my pattern designing turned to felt; first for a trio of foxy-fab felt brooches, complete with girly blushes…


…of which I will definately be keeping one for me-myself-and-I! The same goes for the crazy camper van felt key charms I designed, but which colour should I choose? Decisions, decisions dear reader…




Just love camper vans♡ I used to own a blue VW camper which had a rather jolly red and white striped push-up roof…aaah, sweet memories… And still on the retro theme, I completed my cloud cushion sewn from vintage fabric, with hand-embroidered ‘Daydream Believer’ wording and detailing, as well as felt and crocheted flowers with beads and buttons…


Phew! Now that’s a whole load of makeriness indeed, dear reader. Am I resting my head on my hippy-chick cloud cushion I hear you ask? No, definately not reader chum, for darling daughter is in need of a cosy-cuddly-cowl so my needles are hastily click-clacking away with some rather lovely powder blue chunky yarn. I will leave you with a work-in-progress pic, complete with a little festive snow globe to get you into the seasonal spirit *☆*☆*☆*keep crafting…