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Having a Whale of a Time!


Whale hello there dear reader! How are things with you, my craft-loving chum? As you can see I have a new creature creation: a fabric whale sewn from my own pattern. Alas I no longer have the gorgeous grey whale pictured in all his glory floating above, for he was sold at my last craft sale (farewell my fishy friend) but I am sure he has gone to a cuddlesome-cosy and hugful home♡ Yes I had a fab time at my craft sale dear reader, thank you for asking, as I sold oodles of my makeriness to lots of lovely, craft-loving customers (bless them all). Want to see some pics of my crafty offerings on show? Thought so…




Did you spot my cute new crocheted baby bear bootees, reader? If you would like a closer peeky-perusal, here’s a couple of close-up-pics for you…



Aren’t they simply adorable? I have also hooked up some pretty-in-pink and blue-for-a-boy baby shoes, in 100% cotton yarn for dainty feet…



Do you remember the trio of unicorns I was crocheting for my friend’s triplet girlies? Well I managed to finish them in time for Santa to nestle into a spare spot on his sleigh, all ready for the big day, and here they are…



Mummy-of-triplet-girlies was very pleased with them as was Santa, as he could do with a bit of unicorn magic to help his sleigh fly that little bit faster you know *☆*☆*☆*

Talking of flying sleighs, I’ve been pattern designing again, this time a little Rudolph Christmas tree decoration, complete with jingly-jangly bell dear reader, such fun!


And then my pattern designing turned to felt; first for a trio of foxy-fab felt brooches, complete with girly blushes…


…of which I will definately be keeping one for me-myself-and-I! The same goes for the crazy camper van felt key charms I designed, but which colour should I choose? Decisions, decisions dear reader…




Just love camper vans♡ I used to own a blue VW camper which had a rather jolly red and white striped push-up roof…aaah, sweet memories… And still on the retro theme, I completed my cloud cushion sewn from vintage fabric, with hand-embroidered ‘Daydream Believer’ wording and detailing, as well as felt and crocheted flowers with beads and buttons…


Phew! Now that’s a whole load of makeriness indeed, dear reader. Am I resting my head on my hippy-chick cloud cushion I hear you ask? No, definately not reader chum, for darling daughter is in need of a cosy-cuddly-cowl so my needles are hastily click-clacking away with some rather lovely powder blue chunky yarn. I will leave you with a work-in-progress pic, complete with a little festive snow globe to get you into the seasonal spirit *☆*☆*☆*keep crafting…


Meet Monica Monkey!


Isn’t she simply adorable dear reader? I bet you didn’t realise just how cute a monkey in a dress could be. Of course Monica is extremely aware of how cute she is and just loves having her photo taken…


So is often to be found hanging around in front of a camera…


…ready for a chic shot; she’s such a cheeky little diva! She’s my latest crocheted creature creation and I’ve already made a start on designing a doggie version. Doggie won’t be wearing a dress however, for I am going to create a ‘boyish’ ensemble for him, such fun!

As you know dear reader chum, I completed my ‘shape’ weaving last time and you’ll be pleased to know that I have now found a place for it in my humble abode…


Looks lovely nestled amongst my twinkly-twiggy lights does it not? I am also rather chuffed with how another monochrome creation of mine is coming along – the house pillow I might have waffled on about in a previous bloggings. Well, exciting news dear reader, for I have managed to incorporate a new ‘triangulationy’ pattern into my knitting for the roof section…


Looks lush doesn’t it? So pleased with my triangliness and still keeping with the triangly theme, here’s a trianglings doodlings…


I can’t decide whether to add colour or not, what do you reckon dear reader? Still sort of with the triangle thing, here’s a progress pic of the lacy diamond pattern knitting on my latest neck cosie, in a lovely beachy-seasidey kind of coloured yarn…


Really liking those colours together. If you fancy having a read of some other knitting blogs, I can recommend a couple of my faves:
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I’ll share some more of my fave bloggy reads next time as that’s it for this week dear reader, so remember: craft long, craft well…