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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hello there dear readers! This is not my normal type of arty-crafty bloggings, so I’m afraid you will have to bear with me dear reader while I attempt to grapple with the terrors of technology, for I am trying to register my bloggy thing with the delightful Bloglovin’. This apparently involves me having to copy and paste a lot of computer-speak jargon into the right boxes on my WordPress profile/settings thing, including the insertion of said computer-speak into the title box of this blog, resulting in the title you see above which is not like my normal perky and snappy title! All this copying and pasting stuff might sound pretty straightforward but unfortunately I don’t know how to copy and paste on my faithful android tablet, so am rather laboriously copying out all the masses of ‘url’ and ‘http’ gobbledy-gook from Bloglovin’ via jolly pen and paper (don’t laugh) and then typing it into the right boxes (I hope) on my WordPress set-up page. Hopefully somewhere on this page a rather fetching “Follow me on Bloglovin'” will appear (please, oh please) and you can shout “Hurrah!” and have a little hop-and-a-skip to celebrate my technological achievement. If not, here are a few pretty pics of flowery-flowers to ease your disappointment whilst you picture me weeping and rocking in a corner, feeling muchly unloved by Bloglovin’…