Creature Comforts…


Yes indeed dear reader, once again it’s that time of year when you need to start crafting comfort of one sort or another and for me that means – a new blankie! As you can see in the pretty-pic above, my new blankie has begun, hoorah! It will be formed from many, many gorgeous granny squares, in delightfully autumnal shades of dark brown, mocha, khaki, copper and gold; my heart warms with a toasty glow, just by looking at those adorable little squares!

Of course I haven’t just been crocheting comfort for me, myself and I, dear reader, for I have also been beavering away at creating more of my crocheted creatures, which I hope will bring cuddlesome comfort to others out there in the big wide world – yes, that’s right dear reader you’ve guessed it, more bunnies…


Beautiful bunch of bunnies aren’t they? It seems a shame to split them up as they seem to get along so well, but I’m sure they will be muchly loved by whoever decides to give them a new home, bless ’em. Ooh, musn’t forget monkey, for how could I anyhow, when he is causing much mishief and mayhem around here right now…


Beware dear reader, don’t let his cheeky little smile fool you…


…as he’s usually been up to something suspicious…


Watch it monkey, I’m on to you…


Ooh you cheeky chappie you, behave! Whoever adopts you is definately in for some jolly japes and gallons of gigglesome fun. It will certainly be quiet around here once he’s moved out, that’s for sure. Well, I need to return forthwith to my comfort-creations, so stay toasty dear reader and keep crafting…



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